Transformative Consumer Research

… track invites papers that study how marketing can serve the well-being of consumers, families, communities, and their environments, regardless of methodology. If your work relates to topics such as food and consumer health and sustainability, sharing economy, the negative effects of financial insecurity and deprivation, social inequalities, addiction, materialism, or the positive effects of art, food, nature or mediation on consumer well-being and happiness, we invite you to submit your work to this track.

Transformative Consumer Research is usually considered for publication in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, more topical journals like Appetite or the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, or some journals in fields like medicine, political science, or environmental science, … If you are considering submitting your transformative consumer research work to these journals, this is the right track for your work even if you do not consider submitting your work to those journals.

If your work relates to topics such as consumer decision processes, social influences on consumer behavior, self-regulation, identity issues and similar topics, we recommend the Consumer Behavior track. If you work relates to aspects of marketing applied in contexts of non-profit organizations, pressure groups, charities, political parties, municipal administrations, the health sector, we recommend the Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing track.