Tips for trips

Hans Christian Andersen House:
Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish poet and author world famous for his fairy tales which has inspired children and grownups for decades. The new Hans Christian Andersen’s House (museum) is an unpredictable, riveting journey through this wonderful author’s world, and his beloved stories. Beauty merges with imagination at the museum, where world-class architecture and spaces bring nature indoors, and provoke us to turn things on their head and speculate about today and tomorrow. Please remember to book tickets in advance.
Website: HCA House

Odense City Museum Møntergården:
At Møntergården, there is a series of exhibitions for children and adults to enjoy. They focus on the history of Odense and Funen and narrates the events, explain about the artefacts, and tell the life history of people who made their mark on the Funen heritage and identity. Throughout the year, the courtyards and buildings form an atmospheric backdrop for the activities, all designed to give you a new perspective on the now.
Website: Møntergården

Art Museum Brandts:
At Art Museum Brandts, 250 years of art history are gathered under one roof. They show classic, modern, and contemporary art. Brandts develop new exhibition experiences and communication techniques that engage a diverse audience and open the world of art up to their visitors. Website: BRANDTS

The Danish Railway Museum:
In the middle of Odense, just beside the railway station you can experience the history of the railway in Denmark up close. They have 21 train tracks with iconic locomotives and carts. Experience the royal wagons and 1st class travel and see Denmark’s oldest working steam engine from 1868. The museum also offers a trip in the mini-train and an outdoor playground for the children.
Website: The Danish Railway Museum

Odense Harbour and Marina
For 150 years it served as a busy industrial harbour, but now it has transformed into a new and exciting area that showcases the urbanization of Odense. Compete against your colleague, partner of children at one of the many activities the harbour offers; football, volleyball, minigolf or try your own agility at the parkour park. You can also find some of the city’s best eateries on your road to the harbour.
Website: Odense Harbour – new residential area and marina (

Odense Harbour Swimming pool:
The open-air pool is located at the harbour and is a part of the vibrant urban environment at the area. The access to the pool is free of charge and open all year round. The facilities include changing and shower facilities, as well as sauna. Website: (in Danish) Information om Odense Havnebad (

Munkemose Park, The Fairy Tale Garden and all the other parks in Odense
Odense is a green city filled with gardens, parks and Odense River snaking its way all through the city. The greenery is a big part of the calm and relaxed feeling that is typical Odense. Do as the locals and relax in Munkemose Park while entertaining the kids on the playground. Or take a walk along the river to The Fairy Tale Garden inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Relax and take a break from your conference while enjoying the clean air and beautiful plant life.
Webiste: Parks and gardens | VisitOdense

Odense Zoo- Zoological Garden:
Since Odense ZOO opened in 1930, it has been a green oasis in the city. Today the Zoo has grown and modernised to become one of the most loved and visit attractions on Funen. The Zoo has been named Europe’s Best Zoo amongst smaller zoos due to their ongoing efforts to provide the animals with the best living and breeding conditions, as well as their sincere wish to provide our visitors with a unique experience with the animals. Go to Bøgetoppen (The Beech Top) which offers a walk up on suspension bridges amongst the crowns of the trees in the beautiful beech forest.

The Odense River winds through the zoo and connects it with both the green outskirts of the city as well as the centre of town – so for the ultimate experience you should arrive via the beautiful river boats from Odense Aafart, River Cruise. Website: Odense Zoo

The Funen Village- Open Air Museum:
The Funen Village is a historic museum with ambitions for the future. Go back in time to a complete village environment has been recreated, with half-timbered buildings, fences, farm animals, a village pond, and a village street. Meet peasant wives and farmers, smithies, and cooks – all of whom help bring history to life. They offer a very special opportunity to understand the tasks and daily life of cooking, baking, crafts, needlework, field work and much more.
Website: en Fynske Landsby