Digital Marketing & Social Media

… track invites papers that aim to contribute to the discourse shaping the growing field of digital and interactive marketing environments. If your work relates to topics such as social media, search or display advertising, multi-channel/multi-platform retailing, online pricing, crowd-funded new product development, user-generated content, influencer marketing, recommendation systems, chatbots, and mobile marketing, this is the right track for you. This track welcomes both empirical and conceptual papers and is open to a variety of methods, including qualitative methods, surveys, observation (lab or field) as well as Bayesian analysis, econometric methods, social network analysis, text and sentiment analysis, AI machine leaning and other, non-traditional techniques.

Studies primarily involving traditional and offline media and channels should consider other tracks such as the “Advertising & Marketing Communications” track.


Sonja Gensler, Universität Münster

Arvind Rangaswamy, Penn State Smeal College of Business