Business-To-Business Marketing

… track invites papers that study transactions between organizations or businesses. B2B marketing accounts for 2/3rds of GDP and has its own distinct challenges and solutions. The focus of this track is on how to better create, measure, and deliver customer value in business markets and global supply chains. Sample topics may include interfirm relations or governance, organizational buying, creating routines to markets or distribution channels, metrics for B2B, B2B solutions, supply chain resilience, and other topics provided the focus is on exchanges between organizations.

Papers submitted to this track could potentially be submitted to e.g. the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, Organization Science, AMJ, and SMJ. In addition, such work may be submitted to journals such as Industrial Marketing Management or the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. If you feel your paper is a good fit for this track, please submit!


Jan Stentoft, University of Southern Denmark

Ann Højbjerg, Clarke University of Southern Denmark

Yi Wang, University of Southern Denmark